Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chelsea & Gary Details: BB Jean Events, Bellingham WA, Wedding Planner

Last year, I had the privilege of helping my former college roommate Lauren with the planning of her June wedding to her now hubby Jeff. A bit over a year later, I was able to once again work with this sweet family as Jeff's sister Chelsea married the love of her life, Gary last night at Evergreen Gardens in Ferndale, WA. Chelsea and Gary wanted a day that was simple and sweet, colorful and summery and would invite guests to linger on a warn night as they celebrated. The end result was just that: s'mores were up by the fire pit, fun summery tunes lingered in the air and the bride and groom were nothing but all smiles the entire day. It was wonderful!

Coconut cutting cake, lemon wedges and strawberry shortcakes provided by Andi of Pure Bliss Desserts. And as always, everything was beyond yummy!

Summer flower bouquets were created by Charlene at Boxx Berry Farm. She always makes such pretty wildflower bouquets and is so fun to work with!

Wreath created by Karen at Floral Designs for Weddings.

Congratulations Gary and Chelsea!! I loved working with your family again and wish you a long and happy life together!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cat & Todd: Details - BB Jean Events, Bellingham, WA Wedding Planner

If you haven't already guessed, Cat and Todd are one of those couples that has their own, crazy, rad style. And as a result, working with them followed suit. This was one wedding where different ideas came together well - the bride and groom made their altar area and centerpieces, we came up with the stationery pieces, flowers and decor and the relaxed but personal day that resulted was fabulous!
Cat and Todd made their own hemp and soy tin candles (I still have no idea what the scent were, but they smelled incredible!!). We created custom stickers - 4 different ones to be exact, to top their tins with.
Andi of Pure Bliss Desserts created the ocean life covered cake. And (if you checked out a few of Cat and Todd's other photos), the lemon tarts.

By far. the coolest. wedding rings. I have ever seen. EVER! His is anchors, hers is a rad Octopus and MJB Jewelers did an incredible job custom making these for them. And even better, all the diamonds in Cat's rings that each tentacle weaves around was passed down to her. Love it!

Most brides give me details on what they want. I want these colors or these flowers or this style, you get the idea. Cat says "I want one of those ball bouquet things" and that was it. We got to run with it from there! In a nod to the family from Ireland that flew over, we used lots of Bells of Ireland for Cat's pom along with orange (because she and Todd love pops of color), thistle (because it reminded me of sea urchins) and lots of blues and greens.

I'd been describing this wedding as "The Octopus Wedding" and when people, when peaked by the words "Octopus" and "Wedding" appearing in the same sentence would ask for more detail, I would try to describe the wedding as "vintage-backyard-ocean". But really beyond any theme or ideas on either mine or the couples' part, it was a wedding dressed to be more about the bride and groom then anything else and I loved that! I love helping couples realize a day that really and truly is all about them.
And as always, a thank you shout out to Kaylee who always lets me post some incredible photos and makes my work look amazing ;)
Cake/Desserts: Andi, Pure Bliss
Stationery: BB Jean Events
DJ: Drew, Wannadance Mobile DJ
Tent/Table/Chair Rental: Pacific Party Canopies
Linen/Decor Rental: BB Jean events

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Annie & Jake: Details - BB Jean Events, Bellingham, WA Wedding Planner

A few detail shots of Annie and Jake's wedding last Monday at Lairmont Manor - taken by the lovely Jen of Jen Martin Studios. This couple was all about keeping things simple but elegant and that translated into garden rose themed stationery, garden flowers and roses for the bouquets, classical music in the background and some amazing food!