Thursday, July 30, 2009

DIY: Card Box for Weddings from Merriment

This cute card box project was found via Merriment. Yet another fun way to customize your wedding while providing a home for all of the cards that will gather at your gift table. After the wedding, it makes a great box to store those wedding day mementos. Directions direct from Merriment.
  • Sturdy box (cardboard shoebox or other; be sure to choose a deep one if you want to cut a card slot)
  • Bookbinders Glue (also at Papersource)
  • Brush
  • Decorative paper for outside and inside
  • Satin Ribbon

Find a sturdy box with a good lid and make sure both are in good shape.Spread the book binding glue on the box and wrap the top and the bottom individually with decorative paper. Tip: Cristin [the project contributor at Merriment] reccomends using natural or recycled paper because the texture helps to hide any imperfections or wrinkles you might get in the box because of the glue.

Optional: If you'd like to add a ribbon to the lid: Cut one piece of ribbon that will go from the inside to the left side to the inside to the right side. Glue one end in place, stretch the ribbon across the top of the lid, and glue the other end inside the lid. Cut two more pieces of ribbon that are long enough to act as ties. Glue one end to the underside of the box, leaving the other end loose. Repeat on the other side. Once dry, tie the two ends together into a bow. No need to be too particular about the ribbon ends, as you'll cover up the ribbon ends on the inside with the yellow paper. For the inside of the box, Cristin chose a solid yellow colow wrapping paper, but she wanted it to be textured to match the outside. Measure one piece of the paper for the interior bottom and four pieces of paper for each of the four interior sides. To get a textured effect, ball up the paper tightly in your hands to get it to fold and wrinkle. Smooth it out again and you'll now have a textured look. Glue the paper inside the box. Repeat on the inside of the lid covering up the loose ends of the ribbon.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jam it up!

I love edible favors. Guests do too. And I love when those edible favors are practical enough that brides can do them on their own. For instance, jam! I made jam for the first time yesterday, and my mom wasn't kidding, it was super easy (a little bit of a bad idea in the 90 degree heat we had, but that was about the worst of it). Jam perks: it's easy to do ahead of time, it's easy to customize the packaging to your event, and most people like jam.

So here's how you do it, the concise making-jam-in-a-walnut routine: buy cute jars, lids and rings. Get berries. Wash berries and sanitize jars. Mush berries. Measure mushed berries into a pot. Add pectin and bring to boil. Add measured sugar. Stir. Bring back to boil. Pour in jars. Lid the jars. Boil jars. VOILA! Each box of pectin has detailed instructions for how much to measure for what type of fruit so consult for specifics. And for the record, I liked the box instructions better then the internet. But in case you like the internet, this is a good site:
When it comes to knowing how much to make, the box underestimated a bit I discovered. One batch (and jam should be made one batch at a time, no doubling up here folks. A batch only takes around 30 minutes so suck it up!), made 5 pints, or almost 10 half pints or up to 20 4 oz jars. 15 pounds of raspberries got us 20 pints or the equivalent of 80 4 oz jars. It just depends on what size jar you'd like to give your guests.
A good result is always in the details and I would recommend picking your own berries. They're super fresh and they just taste better. Seriously. Something about that sun warmed and ripened berry waiting for you just makes the prouct that much better. And ps, u-pick means local, fresher and CHEAPER then the grocery store.
Extra Credit: Small baskets of jam, orange juice and scones waiting for each couple after a late night of partying and dancing at your wedding. Nothing says "thanks for coming!" like a hearty and simple breakfast to get your guests past their morning hangover :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lauren & Jeff: Sneak Peak

Lauren and Jeff's wedding was a wonderful finale to almost twelve months of working with them. After their traditional ceremony at Assumption Catholic Church, they had a relaxed and whimsical cocktail party reception complete with a suble polka dots meets spumoni theme at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. The day turned out beatifully and I'll have more details to share with you when I get to see more of the pictures :)

The photos below are a little glimpse of the day. The couple started dating when they attended Western Washington University and decided it was only fitting to have a post-ceremony photo shoot at the university's Red Square. Photography by Laurie Perkins of Bayside Photograpy.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Details

Candy and dessert buffets are still going strong and with good reason: guests love options and sweets appeal to pretty much everyone. My favorite is when couples utilize the buffet as another decor element in their wedding. And why not? It's visually appealing when put together well and adds another detailed element to your wedding. Take the examples below: each one combines color, texture, style and type and the end result is gorgeous!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Matt & Chrystin Sneak Peak

I met Matt and Chrystin last January when they were just beginning the process of planning their wedding. At our first meeting Chrystin declared that her main goal was for everyone to have a fun time and that she was renting a bouncy house and she wanted pictures in her dress in the bouncy house. And that's when I knew the next seven months were going to be fabulous!

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfect and I'll share details when I get more photos. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak to get your started! Photos were by the amazing Josie of Josie Liming Photography.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm a behind on my posting. It's wedding season so I'm a bit busy but the good news is I'll have plenty of photos to share of my amazing brides soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Trunk Show at Alicia's Bridal

Mark your calendars! Alicia's Bridal Shoppe is hosting a summer trunk show chock full of goodies that are sure to make you swoon. What sort of goodies you ask?

How about brand new 2Be Bride gowns from their Spring 2010 line! You'll be able to preview bridal gowns before your friends and choosing one will no doubt make you a true wedding trendsetter ;) There will also be new gowns for Fall 2009, featured bridal jewelry and accessories, information and discounts from other area wedding vendors, and refreshments-and not just any refreshements. We're talking sparkling cider, champagne and delectable bites from Pure Bliss Desserts!

Stop on by and check things out! What better way to spend an afternoon then surrounding yourself with fashion, dessert, champagne and fun?!

Saturday, August 29, 2009 from 10:00 am until 5:30 pm at Alicia's Bridal Shoppe
1400 N. State Street, Bellingham WA

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Trashing the Dress" with Jen Martin Studios

I don't often comingle my personal life on BB's Blog, but sometimes my business and personal lives mix and you get a small peek into my life. A few weeks ago Jen from Jen Martin Studios asked if my husband and I wouldn't mind being models for a "Trash the Dress Session".

For those readers that don't know what a "Trash the Dress Session"or "Day After Sessions", they're a photo shoot after your wedding capturing fun, unusual or creative shots that you wouldn't have done on your wedding day. I've see shots of couples laying on the beach with the waves breaking over them, brides floating in a pond, or couples simply getting more photos after the big day when they can focus and relax and not worry about staying on schedule.

Our session was a bit tamer, but still fun. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

If you're interested in booking your own shoot, talk to your photographer. Or better yet, give Jen a call. She'd love to spend an afternoon capturing your own moments!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wedding Lemons

I've noticed a resurgence of lemons and yellows in wedding decor lately. Perhaps, when people think of happy summer moments, lemonade comes to mind. Not sure, but I love what brides are coming up with and putting together. See what you think!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Save the Date Even After the Wedding

I discovered these beautiful gift ideas at Frame the Date via Earth Friendly Weddings. And I must admit, I'm a fan. Not only is this a great gift idea for the modern and trendy couple, but the company utilizes a lot of reclaimed pieces to make a new gift of personalized art. Simple and beautiful.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Red, White and Blue Wedding Inspiration

I looked up "4th of July Weddings" on google, and while I'm not a big fan of stars and stripes wedding gowns, I am a fan of reds and aquas. This color palette has been making a big impact on weddings for the past few years and proves that there is a classy way to throw your own red, white and blue soiree. Happy Fourth of July!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

DIY: Sewn Detail Wedding Invitations

Another fabulous find from Merriment Design: Fabric poppy wedding invations. What makes me smile with this project is that the how-to information isn't design specific-customize the entire concept to your own event style. Intrigued? Inspired? Check out the instructions here!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tara+Robert Continued

A few more shots from Tara and Robert's fabulous reception-again pictures by the amazing Kaylee Eylander Photography. Enjoy!